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Suvira McDonald
Suvira McDonald, Ceramic & Mixed Media Artist, Goonengerry Australia
Multi facetted Suvira McDonald is an award-winning Australian artist who may be found working in the forested hinterland of Byron Bay in northern NSW, Australia. His contemporary ceramic art constantly seeks new modes of expression; in his hands clay takes myriad forms. The large elemental constructed forms that find placement as garden sculpture, his unique ceramic landscapes, functional ceramics such as urns, platters, vases and the everyday coffee mug find uncommon form and excellence in his ceramic studio.

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PostHeaderIcon Thursday Plantation East Coast Sculpture Show Archive

One of the first of its kind in Australia - and still unique for its long season - the Thursday Plantation show has spurred on the development of contemporary sculpture in the Northern Rivers region.
For the next two weeks, the Thursday Plantation sculpture park at TP Health’s headquarters, just north of Ballina on the Pacific Highway, will be alive with activity as scores of artworks are installed throughout the park’s rainforest groves.

Thursday Plantation East Coast Sculpture Show - Ballina, New South Wales

Each year we present a fascinating exhibition of contemporary works. They join a growing permanent collection of award-winning sculptures by Australian artists from all over the East Coast of Australia.

1 Byron Bay Writers Festival 2012 3687
2 Sculpture at the Byron Bay Writers Festival 3575
3 Sculpture Show 1996 2475
4 Sculpture Show 1997 2275
5 Sculpture Show 1998 2675
6 Sculpture Show 1999 2230
7 Sculpture Show 2000 2363
8 Sculpture Show 2001 2270
9 Sculpture Show 2002 2345
10 Sculpture Show 2003 3478
11 Sculpture Show 2004 2761
12 Sculpture Show 2005 2561
13 Sculpture Show 2006 2960
14 Sculpture Show 2007 2448